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Phase one, our time is done.

June 11, 2013

WoW! That took longer then expected. The original plan was to write a single piece per laser treatment. Just one. I couldn’t do it. Everything I wrote except the intro was complete garbage.

The end of 2012 was difficult. Change is difficult. All I wanted was to crawl back to an old comfortable life and forget everything ever known about the world. “Hide in plain site” if you will. The feeling was so overwhelming it directly impacted every facet of life. For lack of a better word, I was going through withdrawal.

So the whole process was scrapped for something more therapeutic. For something better. Phase one became a personal diary of those few months eating at my soul. While it doesn’t tell the whole story, it’s a full glimpse into the world that was David J.

I wasn’t sure if that was what people where looking for while searching for tattoo removal but it doesn’t matter. As stated before, this wasn’t really done for anyone but myself. This felt like an important event to document.

Reaching a point where it was time to shed my past, I guess this journal is also a way to remember part of who I was. Things that helped me become who I am. And even though I am sharing this journey, this isn’t about giving the lost some light. This isn’t about you.

For all the support and positive feed back received on Phase One, thank you. Those who called me a “Good writer” and over all just complemented on the story, not caring as much about the tattoo removal, I don’t know what to say. I’ve been called many things, but a writer… If there was a way to give proper credit to everyone who helped with editing, organizing thoughts, and gave unrelenting encouragement I would. These are my words, my story, but they polished the stones best they could.

After the massive changes of Phase One there’s no pretending to know how Phase Two will look, but it will be different. The wounds of the past may not be fully healed however the scar tissue is finally strong enough for life to move on.

As for the other projects they are still in the works. There is a dream I’ve been working on for quite sometime, a few rules scattered around, and the “support the cage” section to build. New content should be less sporadic, there is an abundance of items still in the queue with ample ideas to replace them, but nothing will go live until it’s ready. HA! Who am I kidding, some of this stuff will go live when I can’t stand writing it anymore.

 For now, it’s nice enjoying a big project completion.

David J.

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