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The Death of Phase Two

July 15, 2013
Underpants Gnome

(Photo credit: Joe Mud)

After struggling to finish Phase One it’s fitting Phase Two die. Initially Phase Two looked like a solid game plan but most of the pieces quickly fell apart. Those interested will find the FaceBook photo journal updated to include the third Laser Treatment. Due to Phase one taking so long 8 months passed between treatments. Now there’s no telling what will happen. My intentions are to finish this project.

The journey necessary to gain closure is complete. All that remains is finishing the removal. Anyone looking for information has reference material and photo evidence. If it wasn’t for the Cage I’d just get the removals over with. Instead I’m putting the project on hold until further notice. Jumping to Phase Three would be easy; every section plays a specific role. It’s my fault for not planning properly and the project would have unfolded differently if I’d known… That said, I don’t want to jump ahead and find nothing left coming back.

Gives me that “Gnome” feeling.

Phase Two’s failure caused some minor alterations to Phase One. The formatting required fixing. Once there I felt forced to slightly refocus the material and correct grammatical errors. The Primary goal was fixing the chaotic photo placement. There was some very specific items scrubbed and a few broken links removed but the information itself remains unchanged.

Phase Two is a disaster but Phase One is something to be proud of.

David J.

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