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Project and Website Updates

September 6, 2013


David J here with some CagedSparrow announcements.


First, lets start with the Kiva project. Currently team Apatheia has lent $5,450 total dollars toward world change. In the introduction post I publicly announced that if the team doesn’t meet its $10,000 goal I would make up the difference in January 2014. The statement was made with the understanding of how easy it is for people to sign up for kiva and receive a FREE $25 Kiva credit to loan. However, my faith in humanity sunk to an all time low as it became clear people wouldn’t take ten minutes to lend free money and help support spreading good will BUT I could gather the troops to add debt to their credit cards for a night drinking regardless of what was going on the following day.

Seriously people? A common response was “I don’t need anymore SPAM in my E-Mail.”

My hand was forced a little to change my whole thinking on how to approach the Kiva Project. Of the $5,450 in loans, $5,075 has come from David J. I decided to add money into my account until I met a personal goal. From there the amount was set to auto relend for life. This means I’ve maxed the amount planned to go into kiva. The amount deposited will generate over $500 a month in new loans.

The goal is still the same. A minimum of $1,500 will be auto lender through the remanded of the year by me doing nothing. The remaining effort will be spent on finding people to cover the last $2,500. It can be done with 50 new people join up through Kiva, 25 people joining the team and making 4 loans, or, well, you all can do math…

Tattoo Removal

Phase two is on life support and fading fast. After much debate it’s being skipped. If by some chance it begins to show signs of life again Phase two will be done side by side with phase three. I’m not waiting any longer for my next treatment.


I hate rules… anyway… Writing the rule somehow makes them more real. Maybe because I’m more accountable. With the few live ones I’ve already had people poking at me.  The issue is All Rules are in effect at All Times and Rules can NEVER Conflict. So it’s hard to explain without actually having more available. Unfortunately the last several attempts have failed. The most disappointing one was “the rule of Annabel Lee.”

Their coming. Know why nothing was posted during August? The amount of effort spent on Annabel Lee. With everything else going on it didn’t leave a lot of time for much else.

In Other News

There are major changes coming to the site OR it’s staying exactly the same. All of that HAS to happen in September. So there SHOULD be plenty to write about, Unless the pages get broken. They might get broken.

That should just about sum up your CagedSparrow update.

David J

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